Stalin's Friends

Dear comrades,

We have set up an attraction park for all of you who are a friend of Stalin, our great leader. In this park you can learn everything about the history of our comrade and leader Stalin and about his future and the future of our country. You can see that he's a wonderful man and very devoted to the well-being of our country. We will show you how good he is and teach you who you can and can't trust. We will do this in an educative way which young and old will enjoy. This is for the sake of our children and all the people who aren't convinced yet, because when you have visited our attraction park you will be convinced about the true power and greatness of our leader and comrade Stalin.

May all of you enjoy Stalin's official promotion park.

The blue hats!

There are  a lot of special things in our park, one of them is the blue hats idea.
In the beginning of the park everyone receives a blue hat, everyone in the park wears the blue hat. That is a sign that everyone is equal! You may not wear another hat than the one you are given in the park, because everyone has to be equal to work together perfectly!