Stalins shop


Welcome in Stalins shop!


Here you can buy amazing products from our comrade and leader. Underneath this piece of text you can read a miore detailled description of the products. Of course everything is very cheap! :) And there are some special actions, because every millionth client wins a meet and greet with Stalin himself!!!

That is something everyone wants, so take your chance!


Stalins teddybear!

The best teddybear you've ever seen, it's soft, it's cute, it's Stalin and it loves you!
It costs only 642 Russian rubles!
So do you want to make someone happy, or make yourself happy?
Buy this special teddybear!!!


Stalin notebook

Have you always wanted a notebook in which you can write love letters to Stalin, or write your fantasies  about him?

We are the only ones who sell it! 

It's 321 Russian rubles, so take your chance! 

Stalin cup

Every drink in this cup is a delicious drink!
So are you poor? And can you only drink water? Buy this cup, so water tastes amazing!
It's extra cheap, so poor people can also buy it!
Only 64 Russian rubles!

Stalin lollypop

Stalin  is delicious! LITERALLY!!!
Do you want to taste? It's possible for 107 Russian rubles!

Stalin watch

What's the time? It's Stalin time!
Everyone thinks it's time for Stalin to rule our country, it's the time of Stalin, the time of Stalin building up Russia to the best country in the world!
So do you think it's Stalin time and do you want to show it? 
Buy this watch for only 2354 Russian rubles!

Stalin uniform

In this special uniform you look excatly like Stalin! We sell it in children and adult sizes, so everyone can feel like he is Stalin. 

Who doesn't want that?!

The children sizes cost 2354 Russian rubles, and the adult sizes cost 4065 Russian rubles!


Stalin T-shirt

With this Stalin T-shirt you can show everyone how much you love Stalin!

This is THE way to show your love for him, for only 855 Russian rubles you can wear it!

Stalin mask

Have you always wanted to be Stalin?

Here's your chance! When you wear Stalins uniform and this mask you look excatly like Stalin!

Only 300 Russian rubles to become our great hero!